Nordic Islands Adventure Race – First days

The race have now been on for about two days. Team Haglöfs Silva have stayed in the front, but had an issue with the rear derailleur on one of the bikes and lost about two hours.

The fifth leg, kayaking 60 km from Sweden to Åland, was cancelled after a few hours of paddling due to hard wind and big waves (approximately 2 m). All teams were transported to Åland by ferry and re-started yesterday evening at 7pm.

Due to this re-start, teams will have time-credit according to the following:
1. Swedish Armed Forces Adventure Team +0
2. Estonian ACE Adventure +1:20:57
3. Sweco Adventure +1:29:47
4. Haglöfs Silva +1:48:18
5. Greener Adventure Team +1:53:16

The leaderboard show the correct time with this time-credit added, but the dots won’t show if they are leading or not. When the time-credit should be taken out is still not announced.

Follow the race on the following links:

And the organisations pages:

The sections of the race. Currently they are on leg 7.


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