Team Haglöfs Silva in front of X-trail in China

After four hours of racing, at the fifth checkpoint of the first trekking section, Team Haglöfs Silva, is in the leading group together with 3 other teams (Team Redbull (NZ, FRA), Thule Adventure Team (SWE; NZ) and (BRA, FIN, SWE). Just a few minutes behind we find Estonia Ace and Tecnu (USA). So far, very close racing!


This first trekking section has taken teams over a mountain ridge at 2200 m above sea level. There are two more checkpoints, CP6 and CP7 to be taken by foot before they reach transition and start the first kayak section of the race. The lineup for this race is looking very strong with top teams from all parts of the world,  and considering this beeing a “short” race with an expected winning time of 40-48 hours it should be a close close battle all the way to the finish line.

The first edition of the X-trail Expedition started this sunday 25th of September, 09.00 local time. As China is located east of Scandinavia, they are already a couple of hours into the race though the clock has not turned 9 yet in Scandinavia. All teams are carrying a Yellow Brick GPS tracker and the race can be followed LIVE on

Teams kayaking during the untimed prologue, photo: ARWS

Teams kayaking during the untimed prologue, photo: ARWS

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