2nd at day 3 in Baise Outdoor Quest!


Team Haglöfs Silva did a very strong performance on the third day of Baise Outdoor Quest in China and finished 2nd on the Stage!


Podium on 3rd stage Baise Outdoor Quest 2016

This third stage was another challenging race day with 28 degrees temperature, high humidity and thousands of meters to climb both on bike and on foot. This was the first day for Corrinne on her own bike and the team managed to stay within the front group on the first bike section. Second was a technical run through two caves and on challenging trails, followed by a rapel and a km swim. Haglöfs Silva was 2 minutes from 2nd place as they started the last section, kayaking, but managed to pass the kiwi team O2B on the water and made the finish as 2nd team (RAW adventure team first).


Race area, Baise Outdoor Quest


In the total standing, Haglöfs Silva is still in 4th.  Tomorrow is the  last race day, a stage consisting of approximately 90 minutes of biking, 3½ hour running and a GPS navigation. Hopefully the GPS-nav is a tricky one, doubt anyone in the race field has half as much experience as Mattias when it comes to GPS navigation…!


Robert Enjoying his dinner from Mountain House, Baise Outdoor Quest




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