Wulong Prologue

Today Wulong Mountain Quest in China started with a prologue. The prologue consisted of:
2 km running
0.5 km chair run
4 km bike and run
6 km mountainbike
2 km running

The day started with an impressive opening ceremony with lots of public watching (see photos below).

We had a good start and was around 5-10th place and could gain some positions on the bike and run. Mattias fell on the bike due to another team running into his handle bar when he was passing. Luckily there were no major injuries on either of them.

On the next leg, mountainbike, we passed Team Peakadventure and kept the position on the last run into the finish. The final results for the 10 first team in the prologue are:

1  Team Toread  40:39
2  Tineli nz  41:42
3  Thule Adventure Team  41:44
4  Team Haglöfs Silva  42:26
5  www.peakadventure.com.au  42:41
6  Oso Negro  44:43
7  Team Kolumb  44:46
8  China University of Geosciences  45:38
9  Team Redbull  46:04
10  Karlstad Multisport  46:21

Tomorrow waits the following legs with estimated times in parathesis:

1  Kayking 12km (60min)
2  Run 4km, 700 m altitude (40min)
3  Bike and run 8km (60min)
4  MTB 34 km (80min)
5  Abseil 90m (20min)

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  1. Anders o Harriet says:

    Heja på och kul att kunna följa er på tävlingen även om det inte är live via gps.
    Låter inte kul med din cykel vurpa Mattias men med tanke på dagens avancemang så verkar den inte ha tagit så hårt :-)
    Fortsatt “good luck” och håll er borta från närgångna lag.

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