No doubt any more, spring has arrived to Umeå. We can see open water on the ocean outside the window, migrating birds everywhere  and snow is quickly disapearing! As a yearly tradition, our xc-skiing season ends with the friendly race “skadeförloppet”. 4,1 km skateskiing, 4,1 km double poling and finally 3,5 km run on asphalt. At my 4th attempt on this race, I finally manage to come out with a victory! Probably thanks to my race outfit, focusing in high speed on the last leg.

Sunny bike on asphalt both days during the weekend, but also a supernice early morning ski on the crusty snow together with Johan Samuelsson. Time to put away the skies now. Have a great week! Björn

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  1. prylanton says:

    Oj, en ovanlig syn. Björn tävlar på asfalt med nästan asfaltskor ;)

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