Happy New Year!

The team has returned from the last race of the season, Adventure Racing World Championship in Costa Rica. The season is over and it is soon 2014. Before we start looking into next year, we want to summarize our last season, our first as team Haglöfs Silva.

Expedition Africa

Drakensberg, South Africa, May 6th – 10th
Part of the Adventure Racing World Series, qualifier for the world championship in Costa Rica and a very exotic race venue for a team from northern Sweden.
1st Haglöfs Silva (Sweden). 3 days 22 hours
2nd Tecnu (USA/Canada) + 3 hours 27 minutes
3rd Raidlight (France) + 3 hours 54 minutes

Expedition Africa

Haglöfs Åre Extreme Challenge

Åre, Sweden, June 29th
Multisportrace of 25 km whitewater kayaking, 15 km mountainrunning and 35 km mountainbiking around Åre village. Organized since 1997.
1st Björn Rydvall, Haglöfs Silva. 5 hours 6 minutes
10th Aaron Prince, Haglöfs Silva. 5 hours 28 minutes

Haglöfs Åre Extreme Challenge

Helags24 Swedish championship

Ljungdalen, Sweden, July 19th – 20th
24 hour race for teams of two, raced in the southern mountain region in the Swedish summer… Swedish championship for male, co-ed and female teams.
MIX 1st Haglöfs Silva, Josefina and Mattias
MALE 1st Haglöfs Silva, Björn and Robert

Helgags 24 Helags 24

Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon, BAMM

Björkliden, Sweden, August 16th – 17th
Two day mountain marathon for teams of two. All equipment needed (tent, food, sleepingbag…) is carried along the race course. Three different courses, BAMM30, BAMM50 and BAMM70.
BAMM50: 1st Haglöfs Silva – IKSU Multisport Josefina, Jonas Westling. 8.23.18
BAMM70: 1st Haglöfs Silva – FJS. Björn, Daniel Hansson. 12.20.03


Wulong Mountain Quest

China, September 3rd – 8th
4-days stage race for teams of four. Emil Dahlqvist (FJS) replaced Björn who was out due to shoulder surgery. Overall results:
1st Toreed (NZ). 16 hours 36 minutes
2nd Thule adventure team (FRA, NZ, SWE). 16 hours 44 minutes
3rd Haglöfs Silva. 17 hours 13 minutes

Wulong Mountain Quest Wulong Mountain Quest

Adventure Racing World Championship

Costa Rica, December 3rd – 10th
Challenging and exotic race from coast to coast in Costa Rica. Ocean kayaking, mangrove deltas, crocodiles, old maps and dense jungles. After 3 days of strong racing with Haglöfs Silva fighting for the podium, the team had to withdraw when Josefina broke her arm as she fell of her bike going up a super steep hill. Very disappointing for the team and especially for Josefina, but there will be more races in the future. Congratulations to winning team Thule Adventure Team (France, Spain, New Zealand).


Thanks for your support season 2013! Happy New Year!
//Aaron, Björn, Josefina, Mattias and Robert

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