Tough last day in Baise

With one teammember being severely stomach sick, already before the start of the 4th stage of Baise Outdoor Quest, the last day of was unfortunately mostly about getting the team to the finishline…

After a great team effort, including an  enormous struggle for the poor guy being sick, they manage to get the team through the last race  day. As a result of their struggle and slowed pace, one Chinese team (wont try to spell that one….) passed them in the overall standing

Haglöfs Silva finished Baise Outdoor Quest on a total 5th position with SAFAT in  6th. The race was won by RAW Adventure Team with Thule 2nd and O2B i third.

We forget about the tough last day and try to remember the strong performance on the 3rd stage, where Corrinne had heir own bike and no teammember was stomach sick…



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