• 1st Expedition Africa 2013

  • 2nd APEX Switzerland 2012

  • 3rd Adventure Racing World Championships France 2012

  • 3rd Adventure Racing World Championships France 2012

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Tough last day in Baise

With one teammember being severely stomach sick, already before start of the 4th stage of Baise Outdoor Quest, the last day was mostly about getting the team to the finishline

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What do you do with your colleagues on Friday lunch? Me and my colleagues walk up to the gym and row 5x3:30! Perfect regardless of your level. And takes less than 1 hour including warm up and cool down. @teamhaglofssilva #haglofs #silvasweden ... ExpandHide

13 hours ago

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Sweden is a long country. Summer in the south, but spring and not as green in the north. I'm at a conference in Linkoping now and went for an evening run in the green surroundings. Tomorrow I go back to the northern part and will probably have this same feeling in a couple of weeks :) //Mattias @teamhaglofssilva @haglofs @silvasweden ... ExpandHide

3 days ago

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Finally I get to use my racing kayak again. It has been unused for a couple of years, but now we live a hundred meters from the lake and I have no excuse not to use it. My goal is two interval sessions a week in this kayak to build up speed and strength before Haglöfs Åre Extreme Challenge. In addition to that I will go at least one longer distance session with my NK surfski that I will use for the race. What's your goal? //Mattias #håec16 @haglofs @teamhaglofssilva #silvasweden #nordickayaks ... ExpandHide

2 weeks ago