Haglöfs Gram Comp 25

Gram Comp 25 is the perfect backpack for mountain marathons and adventure racing. Even though it is feather light it has enough space for everything I need for two days in the mountains. The pockets are easy to access and the pack sits like glued to my back even when I race down a mountain side. //Björn

Haglöfs Gram Comp Shoe

A very light running shoe with good grip. The fabric is reliable and doesn't rip apart in bushes and sharp rocks. Even if you're running in wet terrain, the shoe doesn't get as heavy as other shoes. //Mattias

Haglöfs LIM Power Dry

LIM Power dry shirt is one of my favourite pieces of gear. I often wear it direct to my body, both during high intensity workouts and for longer trips in the mountains. The combination of heat and moisture transport is amazing and makes it my number one choice for almost every situation. //Björn

Silva Trail Speed Elite

When we decide what headlamp to bring for our multiday adventure races we always have to make the trade off between weight, burning time and amount of light. As with all other gear, we want to carry as little as possible but still have the best tools when we need them! Silva Trail Speed Elite is featherlight and very efficient, and can be transferred between headband, helmet or the handlebar within seconds. The patented system Intelligent light makes sure that you get the light where you need it without wasting battery power bringing light elsewere. Burning time on high mode (660 lumen) is 2,5 hours with the featherlight 2,5 Ah litium battery, but 10 hours on the saving mode. Normally we carry two batteries (2,5 Ah) for a full 12 hour night, using the saving mode when going uphill or on more easy tracks and switching to high mode when biking down a technical downhill or searching for a hidden checkpoint. //Björn

Silva Ninox II

A lightweight headlamp with IPX7 classification (waterproof). In adventure races we use to pack the Ninox II as mandatory equipment and the lamp we use for navigation (Sprint, Trail Speed Elite or Cross Trail II) we only bring during night sections. If the section is longer than we expect and burn out of batteries, this lamp is strong enough to keep up the speed. The battery time if you use litium batteries is long (>2 nights), we have actually never measured how long... //Mattias

Silva 58 Kayak

Navigation on the water is so much easier if you have a good compass! The orienteering sections in the kayak are one of the hardest tests on your orienteering skills. Before we go out on the water, we write down bearings on the map and with Silvas kayak compass we can easily follow them! //Mattias

Silva Carry Dry

We use Silva Carry Dry Bags to keep our gear dry when racing and training. The bags are super light and still durable. To keep our cell phone dry, but still possible to easily reach and use, we use Silva Carry Dry Case. The cases come in three sizes. The smallest fits normal sized smart phones and the medium is good for a compact camera. Great products for kayaking and other adventurous sports. //Mattias

Hestra Tactility Glove

The tactility glove has a great combination of fabrics that makes it warm even when you are soaking wet and still with a good grip on almost every surface. This is the glove that we choose for almost all adventure races and we have used it for hundreds of hours of kayaking, biking and trekking on many different continents and climate zones. //Björn

Specialized Epic 29 WC

The full suspensioned Epic Expert WC from Specialized is like a dream on bumpy trails and roads. Despite the bumps, you can get the power to the ground without bouncing around. We use the World Cup model which has 1x11 and that's great for adventure racing. It's lighter, less that can cause trouble and 11 gears are most of the times enough, so why add extra weight to have more gears? //Mattias

Nordenmark MTB-O carbon map holder

We have used Nordenmark map holders for many years and have very good experience with their products. The latest improvement is the new carbon plate which can be mounted on the previous versions of Nordenmarks MTB map holders. The stiffness in the carbon plate is extraordinary! The vibrations that could occur on bumpy roads or in high speeds are no longer there! //Mattias

Nordenmark MTB-O mapholder

In the mountainbike orienteering we use Nordenmarks MTB-O Extreme map holder, which is very light and stable. The map holder is extremly durable and stands for rough stuff. //Mattias

Mountain House

Long adventure races, with a nonstop race time up to 6-7 days, require huge amounts of energy. We have learned that our performance is strongly enhanced when we refuel with high quality meals instead of only snacks and sugar. Meals from Mountain House are very tasty, yet not too spicy, and easy to handle. If possible, we eat them every race day. Warm if possible, but often we enjoy them cold while on the move. //Björn

Enervit Liquid

We all know that our performance on all races longer than a few hours is strongly related to that we refuel with liquids, energy and salts. In theory that is very easy, make a schedule with something to eat every 30 min and drink lots of a good sports drink. But, when pushing your body with 90% of maximum heartrate or going down a class II rapid, it is not always that easy to take out and and chew your favourite energy bar. Those situations can be solved by the Enervit Liquid, 100 ml of high octane fuel that I always carry as a problem solver! //Björn


The best recovery you can after an adventure race. What we also have found is that Gainomax is a great source of energy in the transition areas. It's easy to drink and you get both electrolytes and energy if you choose Gainomax Recovery. Even if we fly to the other side of the earth, we try to bring a few Gainomax from Sweden because we know how good they are for our racing! //Mattias

Source Widepac

We use Source Widepac 2 and 3 liter drink bladders in the lifejackets and the backpacks. The large opening is really great, it makes the bladders easy to fill, clean and dry. The closure is quick and easy to open and most important, sealed! We normally fill up the whole teams’ bladders at once and thanks to the non-return valve on the bladder, the hose can be left in place on the life jackets (or backpacks) and only the bladders are removed and refilled. The nozzle is also lockable, which is an advantage when transporting a filled bladder. Being able to disconnect the hose makes cleaning of the hose much easier. //Mattias

Source Tube Brush Kit

After using energy drinks in your hydration bladder, it's almost impossible to clean the hose from the energy drink. After we started using tube brush from Source, our tubes look like new! //Mattias

Source Widepac Low Profile

When we have fully packed backpacks, we use the WLP bladder while it gives a more even pressure against your back. A full bladder can otherwise cause the backpack to wobble on your back because of the “balloning effect”. WLP has except for that the same features as the regular Widepac bladder. //Mattias

Xinix AquaCare

Xinix supplies us with disinfection for personal use and for disinfection of water. By using the spray disinfection on our hands, we keep free from infections also on our way to the races. We have used AquaCare 10 for many years and never had problems with water from whatever source we have found along the race course. //Mattias


Our X-kross keeps dirt away from our eyes in rainy days on dirty roads. In sunny days we get incredible visibility despite strong sun and most important of all: we look cool! //Mattias