Podium finish at Nordic Island Adventure Race

On Thursday morning, Team Haglöfs Silva crossed the finishline after 91h 30 mins of almost nonstop racing since the start at mid Sunday in Stockholm, In Turku, Finland as third team.


During those 4 days on racing we had been biking over 300 km on nice technical singletracks, swimming between and trekking over hundreds of islands on Åland and kayaked and packrafted over to Finland mainland before biking all the way to the finish in Turku. The whole team agreed it is one of the most beautiful courses they have raced, and there was a good balance of physical and technical skills.




Photo 16-08-2018, 05 32 04

Our team had some mechanical problems and made some bigger mistakes along our journey, putting us hours behind the leaders, but we also had some very good sections and this race was a good opportunity to identify some improvements to be made before the next race, AR World Championships in Reunion Island. Congratulations to Swedish Armed Forces and ACE Estonia Adventure for their excellent races and their 1st and 2nd places.

Thanks for all cheering and support!/ Team Haglöfs Silva

Photo 14-08-2018, 14 54 34


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