Silva Trail Speed Elite

When we decide what headlamp to bring for our multiday adventure races we always have to make the trade off between weight, burning time and amount of light. As with all other gear, we want to carry as little as possible but still have the best tools when we need them! Silva Trail Speed Elite is featherlight and very efficient, and can be transferred between headband, helmet or the handlebar within seconds.  The patented system Intelligent light makes sure that you get the light where you need it without wasting battery power bringing light elsewere. Burning time on high mode (660 lumen) is 2,5 hours with the 2,5 Ah litium battery, but 10 hours on the saving mode. Normally we carry two batteries (2,5 Ah) for a full 12 hour night, using the saving mode when going uphill or on more easy tracks and switching to high mode when biking down a technical downhill or searching for a hidden checkpoint. //Björn



Photo: Andreas Strandh


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