Currently 3rd position, after 25 hours of racing

The race started up in the mountains, by the border to Panama. After a short run, teams had to put their bikes together before they started the bike section. The bike section offered several different route choices and amazing sceneries. After a great start, with Haglöfs Silva in the lead, they made a rather big navigation error and dropped to 20th place by CP2. From that checkpoint, they did really well and managed the thick mist and steep single tracks in a great way! By transition to kayaking they had picked up to 3rd place, behind Thule (Fra) and Seagate (NZ). On the long kayaking, following a river out on the ocean, Haglöfs Silva once again delivered a great section. Anyway, Seagate went even faster and took the lead ahead of Thule. Right know, after 25 hours of non stop racing, Haglöfs Silva are out on a trekking section in the djungle, 1h 13 minutes behind Seagate and 48 minutes behind Thule. Behind them, there are many teams chasing the podium positions…

All photos by Andreas Strand


ARWC-AST-101-5426 ARWC-AST-101-5443 ARWC-AST-102-5465 ARWC-AST-105-5501 ARWC-AST-107-5529 ARWC-AST-109-5547 ARWC-AST-111-5563 ARWC-AST-114-5611

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