Victory at Raid Gallaecia!!

After 81 hours and 9 minutes of intense racing, team Haglöfs Silva reached the finishline in Santiago de Compostella as first and winning team of Raid Gallaecia, part of the Adventure Racing World Series!

Team Haglöfs Silva had the lead during the first day of the race, but lost the lead to New Zeeland team Seagate during day two. Yesterday, day three, the two top teams changed position several times, making things very exciting for everyone watching in front of a computer. During the last biking section, after more than 3 days hour of almost non stop racing, team Haglöfs Silva managed to get away from Seagate and extended this lead on the last trekking-section all the way to the finish line.



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  1. Aaron says:

    Awesome work Guys!!!!

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