World Championships 2013 in Costa Rica

It is finally time for the ARWC in Costa Rica. But not without a couple of bumps in the road towards the starting line. Aaron’s bike and bag went missing during the flight over here. His bag finally arrived saturday morning, but the bike is still missing. The search continues, it was last seen in Newark NY airport.


Otherwise the team is focused and ready for the task. A bike is borrowed from a local and the rest of the gear is in place. Today part of the course were presented during the briefings, and that presentation also had some bumps that had to be straightened out. Of course it concerned a darkzone. When that controversy was cleared, all of the teams seemed happy and could continue plan their way through this 800 km+ hardcore racecourse. It will be very remote, and no shops or anything on the way to the finishline. So the team will have to carry everything during the sections – and some sections are over 90 km trekking through jungle.


During the briefing the teams got a long and detailed lecture about all the snakes in Costa Rica. You could sum it up with: snakes are dangerous – don’t go near them. Lets hope the team runs faster than a little snake.   //Andreas Strand

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  1. Joel says:

    Best of luck guys; Aaron, pleased to see you bike showed up!

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