Trading places!

It has been a rough first day and night. Met the team this morning after a 70 km trek up and down throughout a remote landscape in Eastern Cape, Wild coast – South Africa. They were struggling hard with blisters and aching legs. It is not very good on feet with saltwater, sand and more water crossings during 24 hrs. But the team still kept a good pace and were amongst a group of good teams, trading positions every now and then.

Mattias made a tiny error on the orienteering during the night and they lost time, and lost a bit more when they got down to the canyon this morning due to sore feet and slippery terrain. After a long transition with plenty of food and some care of their feet they gained new speed on their bikes and has now regained second position on the leaderboard. With Tecnu right on their heels, and Painted wolf chasing behind them.

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  1. Anders says:

    Happy birthday Mattias – congratulations my son and hope the best for you and the team in final long cycle. Keep focus and hope the equipment keep together and also all of you! Heja heja!

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