Mattias Nyström

Mattias has dabbled in multisport since 2001 and joined the team in 2009. His first multi-day non-stop race was the AR World series race Explore Sweden in 2009 (which the team won!). Mattias grew up in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, with the forest and hills out the back door. He moved to Umeå in 2003 for studies and where he is currently working on a PhD in remote sensing at the Agricultural University and where he lives with Helena who is a member of the Swedish Speed Skating Team. Like several other members of Team Silva Mattias was born with a compass in his hand and cross country skis on his feet. Mattias is a pretty slick navigator and has unsurpassed organisational skills, something which has been key to the teams recent success.


Where did you grow up?

In Örnsköldsvik, the high coast area. A lot of hills and beautiful coast perfect for adventures!


No one special for the moment, but when I was younger I looked up to Gunde Svan (the Swedish x-country skier). During the recent world championship in Australia I also had a bad stomach but was able to finish in a top placing, just like Gunde.

What was your first Adventure race?

Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge in 2007, a 6 day stage race with Team Halti.

Little known / unlikely fact about yourself?

I need to cut a hole in almost every pair of shoes I buy and give them to the shoemaker patch them. The reason is a bump I got because I used to narrow biking shoes in a 28 hour race in the beginning of my adventure racing career… and my feet are I size larger in length as well since I started adventure racing.

What you will do when your knees finally give out?

I will probably spend more time with my family and work on my photography hobby – it’s hard to stop and take a good picture when the rest on the team is always in such a hurry and won’t wait up!


Researcher in remote sensing at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå.

Worst Adventure racing experience?

I had stomach problems in the World Champs in Tasmania 2011. Everything I ate and drank came out for three days of racing! I felt so weak and wanted to carry and help the team, but I barely carry my own weight. But thanks to strong team mates we finished second in the race!

Biggest “blow”?

The Swedish Champs last year where we were narrowly beaten by Thule – but it won’t happen again!

Favourite Adventure Racing food?

Daim chochlate bar or a warm hamburger!

Best support crew moment?

When Robert comes in to one of the transitions in the Explore Sweden race 2009 and just hold up his arms and waits for the support crew to take of his PFD (and they did!). The support in that race was amazing, we felt really strong both on the course and in the transitions!

Favourite Race?

The APEX race in Switzerland 2011. The scenery was amazing as well as all officials!



5th Baise Outdoor Quest, China
1st Hemavan24, Sweden
3rd ARWS Xtrail Expedition race, China


1st ARWS Raid Gallaecia, Spain
2nd Haglöfs Åre Extreme Challenge, Sweden
1st Le Grand Tour, Sweden
2nd Adventure Racing World Championship, Brasil


1st Le Grand Tour, Sweden
2nd Expedition Africa, Africa
3rd Haglöfs Åre Extreme Challenge, Sweden
4th Wulong Mountain Quest, China
3rd Suquian Challenge, China


3rd Wulong Mountain Quest, China
1st Swedish Championships, Helags, Sweden
1st ARWS Expedition Africa, South Africa


3rd Adventure Racing World Championship, France
1st Stockholm Extreme, Sweden
2nd APEX Alpine Expedition Race, Switzerland


2nd Adventure Racing World Championship, Australia
2nd Swedish Multisport Championship, male
1st IceBug 24, Sweden
1st APEX Alpine Expedition Race, Switzerland


1st European Adventure Racing Championship, Sweden
1st Explore Sweden, Sweden/Norway
7th Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge
1st Polar Adventure Race, Sweden


3rd Adventure Race World Championship, Portugal
2nd Swedish Multisport Championship, male
2nd IceBug 24, Sweden
1st Explore Sweden, Sweden


1st Swedish Multisport Championship, male
11th Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge