Robert Lindberg

Robert is from Innertavle near Umeå where he lives with his wife Lina and kids Klara and Axel. He’s always been active in both teamsports and individual competitions. He’s never really been excellent at any sport but quite good in most, and therefore is the perfect multisport athlete where the most important thing is not to bad at anything and slow the team down. Robert loves heavy lifting, especially outdoors, and his spare time is mostly spent hunting moose and other wild animals with his dog. He works as a physical education teacher and tries to teach his students the body is made to be punished. Robert started adventure racing in 2005 and joined Team Silva in 2008.


Where did you grow up?

Innertavle, a small village near Umeå.


None especially, maybe Thomas Wassberg, a real grumpy workhorse (Swedish Cross Country Skier).

What was your first Adventure race?

Tieto Enator Adventure Race 2006, in Karlstad, Sweden.

Little known / unlikely fact about yourself?

Hates bananas. (Bananas are for monkeys)

What you will do when your knees finally give out?

Chop wood and hunt, just like I do now but more often…


Physical Education teacher.

Worst Adventure racing experience?

Hypothermia in the Adventure Race World Championship in Scotland 2007.

Biggest “blow”?

Collapsed in a mountain marathon in 2005 and got flown out by helicopter.

Favourite Adventure Racing food?

Meat, chips and cheese.

Best support crew moment?

Warm cooked food, doesn’t matter where or when.

Favourite Race?

All races that are well organised and take us to unexpected, fantastic places.



1st Swedish Championships, Helags, Sweden
1st ARWS Expedition Africa, South Africa


3rd Adventure Racing World Championship, France
1st Stockholm Extreme, Sweden
2nd APEX Alpine Expedition Race, Switzerland


2nd Swedish Multisport Championship (Male)


3rd Adventure Race World Championship (ARWC) Spain
7th Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge
1st Explore Sweden, Atlantic to Baltic
1st Polar Adventure Race, Sweden


1st Explore Sweden
4th Abu Dhabi Adventure challenge


1st Explore Sweden
4th An Turas Moor, Irland
6th Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge


11th ARWC Scotland
11th Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge


1st Tieto Enator Adventure Race
15th ARWC Hemavan